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Holiday Jewelry + Full Plate

Did you know?

Full Plate is always working on ways to get more involved with local businesses, Thursday March 24th we are happy to announce, for a limited time we will be working with Holiday Jewelry to provide you with healthy options at a more central location. Easy parking, nearly the corner of Washburn way & s. 6th, just give us a call at 541-887-0776


Full Plate + Lithia Ford

If you are like me and love to get your favorite dish, when you want it, well today is a great day to do just that! Full Plate is located at 2833 Washburn way, or better known as, Lithia Ford of Klamath Falls. Our hours are 11a-5p and we can be reached at 541-887-0776, please feel free to order ahead of showing up, that way we can have your food waiting for you, if we aren’t too busy.


eggplant Pk-B 20150311_1503362.jpg 20150220_1437422.jpg IMG_1139

Full Plate and Lithia Ford

We are happy to announce that we’ve made a great relationship with the folks at Lithia Ford, located at 2833 Washburn, and we’ve confirmed that we will be choosing this location for the next few weeks. Keep posted on here, because we are also working on a few other locations that should help folks out.

Call 541-887-0776 to pre-order your food, get directions and even see if we are even open. We do sell out really quick everyday, so your favorite dish may be available or may not, its always great to double check. Yesterday a lady called 5 minutes after we closed and we were able to accommodate. So feel free to call ahead. If you get a closed message, be assured we are open from 11a-6p Monday РFriday and closed on the weekends. IMG_0924

Full Plate Open During Snow This Week

IMG_0520For anyone who just can’t get enough, Full Plate will be open all week, and when the snow is flying we discount your items by $1
We are serving our signature dishes, along with a few new items, including the Honey Garlic Grilled Eggplant. Feel free to call in your order, 541-887-0776 to minimize any wait, we will even bring it to your car if you call while you’re parked. Since we use a mobile credit card system we can even charge you in your car, now you never need to leave the confines of your cozy coupe while you get your Full Plate on!!!

We love to use local and fresh ingredients, that’s why we utilize The Chefs’ Table Restaurant and their family recipe for our Banh Mi Sandwiches. Eat Local, Be Happy! Full Plate.

We are located at 3810 S. 6th all week and will be searching for another more permanent location to park Full Plate. So if you know any, or your are an owner of one, please feel free to contact me directly at 541-887-7827

Ever wonder where we are? Did you know all you have to do is Google “Full Plate Klamath Falls”, you could ask your phone to google it as well. We also post our location on Facebook, Foursquare, and Yelp! So finding us should never be an issue again. And since we are in search for a location to live at, metaphorically speaking, that issue should soon be bye-bye. ūüėČ

New Menu Item – Grilled Eggplant

At Full Plate we continue to strive to make our menu more appealing to everyone, eggplantand over the past few months we’ve gotten feedback to help with adding some menu items. Today we are pleased to announce that we will begin to serve a “Grilled Eggplant” that’s coated with our signature house Honey Garlic sauce, when grilled the flavors explode! We are adding the Eggplant as a “Protein” option for those folks who want something vegetarian that doesn’t include soy or tofu.

So here’s to you, those folks who know good food, and want something new and different. Come down to Full Plate today or all month from 11-6 (Tu-Fr)¬†and Saturdays 12-4, located at 3810 S. 6th St, that’s the Big Lots parking lot with The Chefs’ Table Restaurant. Please feel free to call us before you pickup your order, that way we can make it before you come and you won’t be waiting in the cold or any line… unless we are slammed, then you wait… LOL that number is 541-887-0776

As always we offer a Military “Active/Retired/Family” discounts everyday, as well as Teacher, Student, Seniors and Nice People too! Don’t pay full price if you aren’t any of the above, just say “Eat local, be happy!” during your time of purchase and get additional $1 off your order. Also from 4pm-6pm we offer a happy hour(s) discount of $2 off your order, until we sell out, which happens quickly. So be sure to call after 5pm to make sure we still have food and are serving.

IMG_0924Full Plate has a nice selection¬†of¬†drinks, cold refreshing wonderful drinks, like an Oregon made Ginger Ale or our 100% young coconut water with nothing added and is loaded with potassium¬†and don’t forget that we carry Klamath County’s very own¬†Mt. Mazama “Creator Lake” bottled water. So be sure to order your¬†drink with your meal today.

Full Plate; the only place in town who offers a variety of tastes with the benefits of raw ingredients and combined nutritional value. Making the sugars you ingest work with the fiber that is present, keeping the starch to a regular serving and complimenting that with an appropriate amount of protein, Full Plate leaves you feeling full but not weighed down or sickly, in fact we’ve heard folks say they’ve gotten energy from eating our food like no others. We just think it tastes good, but whatever your reason for choosing us for your meal today, we really are grateful for your support.

Full Plate

3810 S. 6th St


[email protected]

January 19-23 OPEN

20150311_150336~2-0Did you know?

Full Plate is open for business the week of January 19 through the 23rd, located at 3810 S. 6th st in the parking lot of Big Lots and The Chefs’ Table Restaurant. Call 541-887-0776 to pre-order your meal, get directions, see if we have your favorite dish or just to say hi.

Full Plate; Eat local, be happy!


3810 S. 6th St.


Pk-BWow, you folks sure love your Full Plate, we sold out of every protein we could stock by 4pm Wednesday, amazing!!! We really appreciate your support and can’t wait to see what you folks bring today and tomorrow. For an update we will be at 3810 S. 6th Thursday and Friday from 11a-6p, feel free to call 541-887-0776 to pre order, see if we have your favorite dish, directions, good conversation, really whatever but really so you don’t have to wait for your food. Call as early as 10am and pre order as in advanced as you wish.

Saturday we will be supporting the Hockey Tournament at Running Y Ranch from 10a~4p/5p and will be serving a limited menu for the players, parents, family and friends. Although we will be open to the public and I believe the tournament is as well, depending on weather you may want to hit us up Thursday or Friday before we goto the Running Y.

IMG_0002Thanks again for your support and generosity, we love being your healthy quick food option in the basin and hope to serve the community for years to come. Remember if you are ever hungry yet unable to pay for your meal, do not worry, our Feed Our Community program will help cover any expenses, even if you would like to take a bowl to another person, we will gladly provide anyone with a free meal that is in need.

For food that feeds your brain, nutrition that satiates your soul and a happy and helpful crew that provides the basin with a great experience, Full Plate is your place for great eats and community, Eat Local, Be Happy!

Wet weather, nothing better

The Klamath Basin is in dire need of moisture, and you may think the last few weeks/ month has been enough, well maybe for our psyche but not in reality. So while we hold on as more wet weather on possible snow showers hit us over the next few weeks, remember that when the rain is falling Full Plate gives $1 off for wet weather discount! Just another way of saying thank you.

We open at 11am Tuesday at 3810 S. 6th St, right near Big Lots and The Chefs’ Table Restaurant, we are open for lunch and dinner and close around 6pm depending upon conditions. Call us at 541-887-0776 for pre-orders and directions, or to see if we have your favorite item.


Friday, Oh YES it is!

Pk-BDid you know that Full Plate is located at 3810 S. 6th St, that’s in the parking lot of The Chefs Table Restaurant and Big Lots, we are that blue mobile restaurant that is parked right near the mail box. We accept Apple Pay and Android Pay, along with most major credit cards and of course cash.

We are open today at 11am and will be closing at 6pm tonight, that means your lunch and/ dinner is already set, all you have to do is come on down and pick it up. Call 541-887-0776 to pre-order your meals, see if we have your favorite dish, or directions. Even a good conversation.

Discounts: Don’t forget to say “Eat Local, Be Happy!” During your purchase, you get $1 off your order just for saying those four words. Also we give discounts for military service members and their families, seniors, students, teachers, and nice people. Plus take a photo and post on Facebook and get $2 off your next order, or check-in on your cell phone and get double protein FREE!

Full Plate; Eat Local, be happy!

Happy 2016 Grand-Reopening

8x10-fullplate-2016-newyearHello Klamath Falls,¬†Full Plate is back!!!! Yes that’s right, HAPPY 2016, your Full Plate is back in the basin. We will be announcing the winners of December’s drawing later this week so stay tuned, you may have won personal cooking lessons or even a Santoku veggie knife, or a $50 FP gift card.

*For the month of January we will be located at ¬†3810 S. 6th, right near The Chefs’ Table and Big Lots. Click Here for Directions¬†– we will not be moving around while the weather is so tumultuous, so you can easily find us any day in January at 3810 S. 6th.

Full Plate will be open from 11am and closing at 6pm on Tuesday January 5th, 2016! Call 541-887-0776 to order ahead of time, get directions and even just for a good conversation. We will be serving our specialty dishes of Jasmine or Brown Basmati Rice, with fresh vegetables, lean protein and select sauces, we also offer a¬†scratch made french baguette, via The Chefs’ Table Restaurant, Banh Mi sandwiches plus our best addition to the menu,¬†3 corn tortilla tacos, with your choice of protein.

At Full Plate we believe in fresh, local and affordable food, working with local farmers, ranchers and restaurants allows us to utilize our great local products offered to everyone in our community. We fill¬†our bowls, banh mi sandwiches and corn tortilla tacos with the perfect amount of ¬†protein and vegetables to match the starch chosen. Even though we believe that we’ve got our menu just right, we also believe that you as our guest knows more of what you like than we ever could, that is why we always allow you to customize your dish as much as you wish. Want more veggies? Less starch? How about extra sauce or no jalape√Īos? No matter what you want more or less of, just ask, we only charge for double¬†protein, everything¬†else is no charge for extra. So you could just get a box full of veggies, or just rice and chicken. It’s really up to you.

Call 541-887-0776 to order ahead of time

Order online and view menu @ www.fullplate.co/order

full-plate-new-logo-feb-2015-BLUEConnect with us www.fullplate.co/contact



YES! Open during the SNOW!!!

20150220_143742~2-0We are going to be here for you today and tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, to warm you up with some delicious Full Plate food. Located at 3810 S. 6th, near The Chefs’ Table and Big Lots, opening at 11 am today and closing at 4pm (due to a Blue Zone Committee meeting at Biagio’s).

Give us a call at 541-887-0776 to have a good chat, get directions, order food and whatever else you can think of to do on the phone. Remember that we do deliver using DeliverMe’s Delivery system, a inexpensive delivery method bringing hot food to your door all year round. Call 541-363-8911 to speak to Hewstone with DeliverMe.

20150311_150336~2-0Remember that we have Gift Cards available as stocking stuffers, these are swipe cards no gift certificates, that means you can load with as much as you want and reload later!

IMG_1359Happy holidays, and safe driving!

The Week Before

Did you know? Full Plate is located at 3810 S. 6th today Wednesday and for the remainder of this week. Please call 541-887-0776 to order your meal, ask about specials, get directions or just to have a nice chat. We will be open until about 6pm, unless we sell out, be sure to call ahead.
So you know, the Brown Basmati Rice has been discounted to match the price as Jasmine Rice. So now the regular size is only $9 and the small is $7 for both Jasmine Rice or Brown Basmati Rice. Also, today is Quinoa Wednesday, so for just a little more you can get the holy grail of grains as your option for your starch today only at Full Plate.
*This was originally an option that had been requested by a regular, after the first week it became a weekly special! So this means if you want something please just ask, you never know if it will become a regular menu item.
IMG_1226.JPGLastly. Don’t know what to give? Want something easy? Just remember that those special people in your life really just want Full Plate, and you’re in luck we offer FP GIFT CARDS, that you can load with as much as you’d like, re-load later as well, they are like credit cards that are blue and say Full Plate on them ūüôā Speaking of which, we, like most every business these days, accept all major forms of Credit Cards as payments via Square. A powerful and useful payment application. But we also accept cash, so yeah.
square-reader1Enjoy your holiday, no matter what you celebrate, remember that your neighbors are your neighbors, not strangers, so say hello today to someone new and wish them a happy new year!


We would like everyone to know, first how grateful we are that we are able to work and live in this great area, but also that there is snow on the ground and it’s almost winter!!! <- according to the date book anyways. If you’re getting up today you would say “It’s been winter man!” And you’d be right. I digress.

Full Plate has decided that due to the overwhelming response, the road conditions and the accessibility of good food, that we will be parking in ONE spot until the end of the year. That’s right, although we choose to move around, this last few weeks we are parking and opening up shop at: ¬†3810 S 6th St (Big Lots/ Chefs’ Table) Read More

Ford Friday and Saturday


Full Plate is back at it on Friday and Saturday at Lithia Ford of Klamath Falls, located at 2883 Washburn Way, cross street Hilyard. If you know where Ford is, you can find Full Plate!

We open at 11am and close around 6pm, we have great food, wonderful employees and as always the best discounts in all of the Basin!

Read More

Thursday’s Location Change

IMG_0924We are happy to announce that due to all the requests we’ve decided to adjust our locations for THURSDAY:

NEW:¬†Lunch and Dinner |¬†Town and Country Shopping Center (Big Lots/The Chef’s Table) ¬†|¬†3810 S 6th St, Klamath Falls, OR 97603

We will continue to move around on a scheduled route, yet instead of being at Lithia Ford for 3 consecutive days, we will be at the Town and Country Shopping Center on Wednesday and Thursday, then Lithia Ford Friday and Saturday. Still being downtown on Tuesday’s, so everyone gets their chance to eat great food. Read More

Quinoa Wednesday

IMG_0924We are located at 3810 S 6th St, thats the Town and Country Shopping Center, otherwise known for Big Lots or The Chefs Table, we open at 11am and go till about 6pm.

We accept all major credit cards, and also have Gift Cards, not certificates, CARDS! Like a square-reader1credit card you can add to, no minimums, and never expire. We will offer our special again today if you’d like to take advantage. The deal is purchase $20 or more in gift cards and get your food for just $5!

Can’t get much better than that!

Eat Local, Be Happy!

#ISupportFullPlate, #ELBH

Gift Card Tuesday

20150309_153402~2_2Last Tuesday was so successful that we are brining back our special! Purchase gift cards, for $20 or more, no minimum per card, and get your meal for just $5!!! That’s right, give the gift of food and your food only cost $5 today! Tuesday ONLY!

We are located at 626 S. 6th Street, right next to Superior Motor Company, we open at 11am today and close around 6pm, depending on if we sell out or not! Give us a call at 541-887-0776 to place your order, check on our location or see what specials we have today!


Full Plate


full-plate-new-logo-feb-2015-BLUE¬†We love to serve delicious food, and strive to be available everyday, unfortunately we cannot. We’ve decided to CLOSE¬†MONDAY until further notice, yet don’t worry, we will still be OPEN from 11am-6pm Downtown on Tuesdays.

Since we move around on a scheduled route, please note this change, our new WINTER HOURS UPDATE IS:

Tuesday-Friday (11am-6pm [happy hour 5pm-6pm])

Saturday (12pm-4pm) Read More

Friday Friday Friday

IMG_1359It’s another wonderful day here in Klamath Falls, a place that is surrounded by some of the most beautiful¬†places on earth, and even more so filled with some of the coolest folks I’ve ever met. We live in a small town where just about everyone knows everyone, and while there is a multitude of issues that need to be addressed Read More