20150311_150336~2-0At Full Plate we believe food should be accessible to everyone, no matter their economic or social standing, we also believe that no one should ever  pay full price. Below are a list of our discounts we offer everyday while most can be combined to equal an even higher discount, we ask that you find your discount and apply it today during your visit.

Find your discount below.

Say those four magical words during your purchase and you’ll receive $1 off your order
We believe our freedom is based on your service, and your family, let us know your military or a family member of and you’ll receive $1 off your order every day
Yes both Teachers and Students of either High School or College receive a $1 discount on any order every day
If you are brave enough to ask for a senior citizen discount, we will not ask for proof, and you’ll receive $1 off your order just for being a bit more seasoned than the rest of us.
Do you Foursquare? We know you Facebook! Well if you use the “Check-In” feature on your mobile device you’ll receive a DOUBLE PROTEIN bonus! That’s like $2 or $3 just for clicking Check-in
Everyday weekday we have a Happy Hour Discount of $3 off every item on our menu, that means Sandwiches are just $5 and Tacos are $6 and a Shrimp Rice Bowl is only $8, of course these prices are only available while supplies last. The Happy Hour Hour is 5pm-6pm


If you see a discount above and want to use it, just say so during your purchase, although we love to give discounts to everyone we only give it to those who ask. So remember to always say “Eat local, be happy!” to get your $1 discount, show us the picture you posted to Full Plates Facebook page for additional discounts. Also remember we created a community outreach program to fight hunger called “Feed Our Community” to feed those citizens who cannot afford to feed themselves, totally free with no questions asked.