At Full Plate we continue to strive to make our menu more appealing to everyone, eggplantand over the past few months we’ve gotten feedback to help with adding some menu items. Today we are pleased to announce that we will begin to serve a “Grilled Eggplant” that’s coated with our signature house Honey Garlic sauce, when grilled the flavors explode! We are adding the Eggplant as a “Protein” option for those folks who want something vegetarian that doesn’t include soy or tofu.

So here’s to you, those folks who know good food, and want something new and different. Come down to Full Plate today or all month from 11-6 (Tu-Fr) and Saturdays 12-4, located at 3810 S. 6th St, that’s the Big Lots parking lot with The Chefs’ Table Restaurant. Please feel free to call us before you pickup your order, that way we can make it before you come and you won’t be waiting in the cold or any line… unless we are slammed, then you wait… LOL that number is 541-887-0776

As always we offer a Military “Active/Retired/Family” discounts everyday, as well as Teacher, Student, Seniors and Nice People too! Don’t pay full price if you aren’t any of the above, just say “Eat local, be happy!” during your time of purchase and get additional $1 off your order. Also from 4pm-6pm we offer a happy hour(s) discount of $2 off your order, until we sell out, which happens quickly. So be sure to call after 5pm to make sure we still have food and are serving.

IMG_0924Full Plate has a nice selection of drinks, cold refreshing wonderful drinks, like an Oregon made Ginger Ale or our 100% young coconut water with nothing added and is loaded with potassium and don’t forget that we carry Klamath County’s very own Mt. Mazama “Creator Lake” bottled water. So be sure to order your drink with your meal today.

Full Plate; the only place in town who offers a variety of tastes with the benefits of raw ingredients and combined nutritional value. Making the sugars you ingest work with the fiber that is present, keeping the starch to a regular serving and complimenting that with an appropriate amount of protein, Full Plate leaves you feeling full but not weighed down or sickly, in fact we’ve heard folks say they’ve gotten energy from eating our food like no others. We just think it tastes good, but whatever your reason for choosing us for your meal today, we really are grateful for your support.

Full Plate

3810 S. 6th St


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