Pk-BDid you know that Full Plate is located at 3810 S. 6th St, that’s in the parking lot of The Chefs Table Restaurant and Big Lots, we are that blue mobile restaurant that is parked right near the mail box. We accept Apple Pay and Android Pay, along with most major credit cards and of course cash.

We are open today at 11am and will be closing at 6pm tonight, that means your lunch and/ dinner is already set, all you have to do is come on down and pick it up. Call 541-887-0776 to pre-order your meals, see if we have your favorite dish, or directions. Even a good conversation.

Discounts: Don’t forget to say “Eat Local, Be Happy!” During your purchase, you get $1 off your order just for saying those four words. Also we give discounts for military service members and their families, seniors, students, teachers, and nice people. Plus take a photo and post on Facebook and get $2 off your next order, or check-in on your cell phone and get double protein FREE!

Full Plate; Eat Local, be happy!