20150220_143742~2-0We are going to be here for you today and tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, to warm you up with some delicious Full Plate food. Located at 3810 S. 6th, near The Chefs’ Table and Big Lots, opening at 11 am today and closing at 4pm (due to a Blue Zone Committee meeting at Biagio’s).

Give us a call at 541-887-0776 to have a good chat, get directions, order food and whatever else you can think of to do on the phone. Remember that we do deliver using DeliverMe’s Delivery system, a inexpensive delivery method bringing hot food to your door all year round. Call 541-363-8911 to speak to Hewstone with DeliverMe.

20150311_150336~2-0Remember that we have Gift Cards available as stocking stuffers, these are swipe cards no gift certificates, that means you can load with as much as you want and reload later!

IMG_1359Happy holidays, and safe driving!