Did you know? Full Plate is located at 3810 S. 6th today Wednesday and for the remainder of this week. Please call 541-887-0776 to order your meal, ask about specials, get directions or just to have a nice chat. We will be open until about 6pm, unless we sell out, be sure to call ahead.
So you know, the Brown Basmati Rice has been discounted to match the price as Jasmine Rice. So now the regular size is only $9 and the small is $7 for both Jasmine Rice or Brown Basmati Rice. Also, today is Quinoa Wednesday, so for just a little more you can get the holy grail of grains as your option for your starch today only at Full Plate.
*This was originally an option that had been requested by a regular, after the first week it became a weekly special! So this means if you want something please just ask, you never know if it will become a regular menu item.
IMG_1226.JPGLastly. Don’t know what to give? Want something easy? Just remember that those special people in your life really just want Full Plate, and you’re in luck we offer FP GIFT CARDS, that you can load with as much as you’d like, re-load later as well, they are like credit cards that are blue and say Full Plate on them 🙂 Speaking of which, we, like most every business these days, accept all major forms of Credit Cards as payments via Square. A powerful and useful payment application. But we also accept cash, so yeah.
square-reader1Enjoy your holiday, no matter what you celebrate, remember that your neighbors are your neighbors, not strangers, so say hello today to someone new and wish them a happy new year!