Post Thanksgiving

If you and your family are anything like mine, you’ll have been eating all sorts of leftovers… for lunch, dinner and heck even that ham for breakfast! Well today is a great day to get a break from that turkey. And as a reminder we are located at the Big Lots parking lot in the Town and Country Shopping Center, near The Chef’s Table, and open this Saturday at 12pm (noon) and will be open until 4pm.

turkeyWe would also like to offer anyone who is hungry, food, so if you know a hungry person who cannot afford to purchase their next meal, just let us know and we will make it free of charge. You can take it to them, have them come by or let us know where to go.

Full Plate; Eat Local, Be Happy!

So wether you want the healthiest dish, or the tastiest, Full Plate is your goto  location for great local food. Call us at 541-887-0776 for ordering or more information.