Thanksgiving Week

20150220_154201~2-0Full Plate is happy to announce that we will be open all week, except for Thanksgiving Day, and will have some special hours. We will be closing at 5pm Monday/ Tuesday and on Wednesday we will be closing at 4pm. We will be open on Friday and Saturday at a special location, but regular times.

Call 541-887-0776 for more information or to place your order, you can also visit to order online!!!

As always we serve the healthiest dish available in Klamath Falls, with choices of super lean proteins, loads of fresh vegetables and some select sauces to make your dish just that much better! Haven’t had our Tacos or Sandwich? Well its just like the rice bowls but with a different starch, my favorite is the Pork tacos with no sauce and just the carrot daikon mix with cilantro and lime. But you can customize your order anyway you like.